Welcome to ScrumLearn Master Certified course. This course has the aim of  providing to candidates the necessary knowledge in order to exercise the activities or the Scrum Master « Business as Usual » projects and realized according to Scrum methodology. The acquisition of this knowledge is a necessary condition but it is not sufficient to work effectively as Scrum Master. The fact of acquiring experiences of participation to Scrum initiatives to different roles, the knowledge of facilitation and coaching techniques (which are not explained specifically in this course) and the knowledge of the context where Scrum initiatives are realized constitute not less important elements in order to play the role of Scrum master with effectiveness and success.

The Scrum Master role is, in the scope of Scrum, the expert who acts as coach and facilitator for all the other members of one or more Scrum teams involved in the implementation of « Business as Usual » project activities. Consequently, he doesn’t reach the expected result, but he helps others achieve in the Scrum application and in the achievement of objectives too. He is an expert of the methodology with the theoretical and practical skills for the Scrum implementation and the facilitator and coach role.

This course is aimed at individuals who would like to become and play a role in Scrum Master in a project or activity « Business as Usual » context realized with the Scrum methodology. 

No formal prerequisite is required in order to access to the ScrumLearn Master Certified course. The fact of acquiring participation experiences of Scrum initiatives to different roles is the element that can maximize the effectiveness of the course. To be able to take the exam, it’s required to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the examination institute. The acceptance of such termes and conditions will have to be confirmed when taking the exam.

Contents :

  • Lesson 01: Course presentation
  • Lesson 02: Introduction to Agile
  • Lesson 03: Scrum Overwiew
  • Lesson 04: The Scrum team
  • Lesson 05: The Scrum artifacts
  • Lesson 06: The Scrum events
  • Lesson 07: Additional Tools and Techniques
  • Lesson 08: Adopt Scrum & Scrum across an organization